Museum tour for the 99th anniversary of CPC

To celebrate the imminent 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the CPC members of our company visited Shanghai History Museum (Shanghai Revolutionary History Museum) on June 20, 2020. As an activity for the "education of four types of history", the visit helped all the participants further understand the essence of the 19th CPC National Congress.


Shanghai History Museum (Shanghai Revolutionary History Museum) is a museum that comprehensively reflects the local history of Shanghai. The exhibition in the East Building consists of three sections: "Prologue", "Ancient Shanghai" and "Modern Shanghai". It fully displays the milestones and major historical events throughout Shanghai's urban development history, with emphasis on the revolutionary history.


Upon seeing the exhibition board of the iconic architectures on the Bund, Mr. Yuan Donghua told us the story that Shanghai Customs entrusted our company to value the Shanghai Customs Clock Tower for insurance purpose after the September 11 attacks.


In the special exhibition of “Chen Yun and Shanghai", there is a paragraph describing Chen Yun’s story of guiding the prevention of schistosomiasis in his hometown Qingpu, which reminds us that we should be more proactive and positive in the battle with COVID-19.


After the tour, we have a more intuitive understanding of the history of Shanghai. The exhibition shows us Shanghai's development from its initial opening-up to its current status as an international metropolis, which is full of ups and downs. We should learn from history and remain true to our original aspiration, doing our best to strive for the future of Shanghai.