Case 1     Municipal land planning & consolidation project in Heqing Town, Pudong


This project was listed as 2011 municipal land consolidation project by Shanghai Planning, Land and Re- sources Administration. Land consolidation includes reclamation of construction land, farmland consolidation, and construction of rural residents’ base. The project covers an area of over 70 hectares. Through the recla- mation of construction land and the filling of some discarded ditches, ponds and beheaded rivers, there can be nearly 20 hectares new cultivated land. The proportion of new cultivated land is 25%.


Through an integrated arrangement and reasonable planning of land, optimization of the spatial layout of different types of land, increase of effective cultivated land, enhancement of the quality of cultivated land, we helped the client achieve "modern urban-typed multi-functional suburban ecological agriculture”, improve agri- cultural production, rural residents' living and agricultural ecology environment, and finally obtain satisfactory social, economic and ecological effectiveness.