Property Value Management System

We integrate computer-assisted mass appraisal technology deeply into big data mining and analyzing technolo- gy to build an all-round, efficient and flexible management system of property value, which enables real-time mon- itoring of market fluctuations, dynamic management of risk exposure and reduction of client's management cost from pre-lending to post-lending.

Online Services for Mortgage Appraisal

Quick price inquiry: State-of-the-art address search engine helping the client identify the subject property fast; infor- mation of more than 13,000 residential communities (over 98% coverage) and more than 1,800 office projects.

All-round project management: Hierarchical administration of accounts, clearly displaying the corresponding area and business; support for multiple types of businesses, satisfying the requirements of various business modes; more handy tools to facilitate project control.

Risk Rating

Rased on the theory of factors influencing real estate prices, the system uses a series of statistical methods, combined with various external data (such as macro economy), to make calculations. Under the premise of reducing the client’s cost for professional judgment, the system maximizes the business efficiency and effectively controls the lending risk for the client.

Post-lending Collateral Management

Mass re-appraisal of collateral: Re-value the client’s large amount of inventory collateral as at the current date of valu- ation by smart matching engine, and assist the client in data cleaning at the same time.

Stress testing: Analyze the new changing trend of asset quality and risk characteristics to discover the weakness spots with potential risk.

Case 1 Cooperation with the Shanghai branch of China CITIC Bank in real property value management system
Case 2 Post-lending re-appraisal service for Bank of China