Urban Renewal

Urban renewal refers to the development which aims to optimize urban functions, improve public facili- ties, enhance urban quality, make urban environment better and improve urban infrastructure. We provide consulting services of comprehensive plan on urban renewal, which cover policy interpretation, regional planning, research on overall orientation, urban design, economic analysis, path design, research on deve- lopment mode, etc. Moreover, we offer whole-process service which includes regulatory plan and land valu- ation.

Case 1 Whole-process consultation for the urban renewal of Columbia Circle
Case 2 Consultancy for Shanghai Airport Authority about the redevelopment of the East Area of Hongqiao International Airport
Case 3 Planning for industry transformation of Qibao Town in Minhang District
Case 4 Comprehensive plan for the urban renewal of “South Lot No.4” in Zhenxin, Jiading
Case 5 Orientation scheme and conceptual design for the transformation of Zhongchun Road Industry Belt in Qibao, Minhang
Case 6 Urban renewal proposal and regulatory plan for Songhong Road Project (Linkong Lot 24)